Alejandro Betancourt Lies Behind Hawkers. Co Success

The company began with a single mission: to provide affordable stylist, exceptional, and branded sunglasses. It has evolved into a worldwide fashion house under the leadership of Alejandro Betancourt Lopez. With similar branch workplaces in Elche and Hong Kong, the firm employs over 200 people. Other affiliate offices include Barcelona, Mexico City, and Los Angeles.

It currently sells sunglasses in over fifty nations worldwide and has sales of over five million pairs. Caleb Garrett and Alex Moreno invested three dollars in the institution, which has grown to over one hundred million dollars in sales. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez advises never to give up trying despite the hardships.

The firm’s principal promotion tool is the internet. Even though the firm has over 40 physical locations, internet sales account for three-quarters of the company’s revenue. It was one of the first companies to make use of digital marketing on Facebook and Instagram platforms. In addition, five thousand college students joined the Campus Representative Program, which promoted goods on college campuses.

In return for incentives, brand ambassadors use their limelight platforms to promote their host’s brand. The marketing diplomats are in charge of generating enthusiasm for the firm and bringing fresh ideas to life. Companies including Kia, Pay-pal, Smart, and Mercedes-Benz have all collaborated with Hawkers sunglasses.

In addition, several celebrities, like footballer Messi, wear fashionable sunglasses daily. The Lakers, the Los Angeles basketball team, have also agreed to support the firm. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is in the previous President of Venezuela, Hermogenes Lopez’s family lineage. His wealth management firm, O’Hara Administration, has assets in many enterprises, including Hawkers.

It has been recognized as one of Spain’s top 10 businesses in 2018, thanks to the 20 million Euro fundraising round. Alejandro’s father brought all electricity, trains, and undersea cables to Venezuela. This business mentality is a special inheritance in Alejandro Betancourt Lopez. Go Here for related Information.