Can Georgette Mulheir Defend Haiti’s Democracy Before it’s too Late?

At times, it can be easy to get caught up in our own daily struggles and not see beyond the limited bubbles in which we exist. We become accustomed to those we know, what we are used to, and navigating within the safe confines of what we are comfortable exposing ourselves to. With the pandemic being the main focus of the last 16 months or more, it has been even easier to fall into this habit. So all-consuming have the past several pandemic-focused months been, that it has been even easier to avoid bigger picture events going on in the bigger world we inhabit, such as the crisis in Haiti (Newsanyway). 


But that has not been the case for Georgette Mulheir. Georgette Mulheir is a renowned human rights activist. She is widely known for her efforts for women’s and children’s rights globally. The English-born and raised 53-year-old have successfully garnered awareness for her causes, which she has championed in countries across the globe. These countries include Romania, Ukraine and Moldova, to name just a few. Also Haiti, for which Georgette Mulheir co-founded Defend Haiti’s Democracy – an organization focused on regaining control of the country’s receding grasp on democratic government. Concerned global citizens, including Georgette Mulheir, who want to help put an end to the current crisis in Haiti founded Defend Haiti’s Democracy, sometimes simply called DHD. 

With kidnappings and assassinations occurring at an alarming rate on a daily basis, something had to be done. The country’s internal governance structures have crumbled, and those initially entrusted to protect its citizens are now conspiring with the parties responsible for the violence, thus permitting it and endorsing it. It is her hope that Defend Haiti´s Democracy could be the solution to rally the world together to put an end to the chaos consuming the nation, allowing the Haitian people to return to their peaceful lives. The question for Georgette Mulheir is, will it be in time to save Haiti from descending into a state of Anarchy? Will the people rally and revolutionize? Will civic education on DHD’s part help end the violence and oppression in the country? Only time will tell.