CEO Bobby Kotick Announces First Stage of Plan to Make Activision Blizzard a Model Workplace

After public controversy surrounding the corporate culture at gaming company Activision Blizzard, company CEO Bobby Kotick has committed to changing the workplace environment to become what he describes as a “model in the industry.” At the end of October he released a company memo to all employees outlining the first steps being taken to achieve this as well as committing to future actions as they are determined to be needed.

Some of the major changes being implemented at Activision Blizzard are internal policy changes while others are designed to bring in a more diverse workforce to the company. Previously, employees were required to pursue in-company arbitration in the event of a human resources problem. Employees are now allowed to pursue any avenue to address complaints they are comfortable with within state and federal laws.

Activision Blizzard formerly had a disciplinary policy that included written warnings and other punishments before termination in these situations. Kotick and the rest of the company executives have done away with this policy and officially adopted a zero-tolerance termination policy. Previously, some employees were kept on staff after disciplinary actions were taken, which Kotick acknowledges led to some of the repeating problems the company has had.

Kotick also promises that Activision Blizzard will close the gender pay gap. This effort, along with the other internal actions being taken, will be regularly updated to the staff so that progress can be made in a transparent way, giving everyone a chance to offer feedback.

The company is also launching $25 million dollar diversity recruitment plan over the next ten years to bring in a more representative staff with a focus on communities who are underrepresented in the industry.

Kotick says he hopes these changes will make the company a better and safer place to work for all people.