Credit And Real Estate Management Referenced From Peter Briger

Peter Briger has been in the limelight over the past couple of decades because of the role he has played in making Fortress Group the investment giant it has become today. He, alongside his co-principals in Fortress Investment Group. Briger’s knowledge in the financial aspect of making smart investments has been an excellent constitute for the success of both the company he represents and himself too. As a chairman for Fortress Investment Group, Peter Briger has been able to accumulate wealth for himself, his co-principals and the company also. At 44 years old, Briger has an estimated $1.2 billion net worth. This figure was mostly influenced by the purchase that the Japanese Multinational, Softbank made of Fortress Investment Group. This purchase, however, didn’t affect the position he held, neither did it change the jobs of his co-principals. They continue to make tremendous progress in the investment industry.

Peter Briger joined Fortress Investment Group back in 2002 as a management team member. Before this, he worked at Goldman Sachs and Co. in addition to being the company’s partner, Briger worked for 15 years before he left. While at Goldman Sachs, Peter was mainly focused on Asia primarily in real estate and debt vehicles. He used the experience he had gained here to help grow Fortress Investment Group. The influence he brought to the organization allowed him to become an integral part of Fortress. He quickly rose through the ranks to become the co-chairman of the board of directors for the group. Currently, Briger manages the Credit Division of Fortress Group which is responsible for real estate and credit business.

Apart from the position he holds at Fortress Investment Group, Peter Briger holds other executive positions in organizations such as the Princeton University Investment Company. He’s an alumnus of Princeton University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts. In addition to that, Briger also attended Wharton School of Business, Pennsylvania University where he got a Master of Business Administration. The latter became an integral part of his resume as it’s the knowledge he acquired here that he topped to the years of experience to become a very influential figure in the financial industry.