Economist Dr. Jeffrey Harris Touts OTA as a Great Financial Educator

Financial education is one area where most individuals have not had the opportunity to explore, even when it comes to professionals in the industry. A solid financial education like the one possible with the Online Trading Academy is recommended by the former chief economist of the SEC, Dr. Jeffrey Harris. After noting the lack of education, and the even more common equal access to the same level of education among traders, Harris praised the curriculum provided by educator, OTA.

Through their online classes and curriculum, Online Trading Academy, is able to offer a sound, comprehensive, and well rounded financial education for anyone that is interested in enrolling. Even more, the curriculum is tailored for those interested in entering the financial industry and specifically those who want to work as traders in the market. From the most basic concepts to advanced trading techniques and practices, no matter what level of instruction you are interested in, the online courses are available.

While speaking at the U.S. House Committee on Financial Services hearings, Harris spoke about his passion for ensuring that a sound financial education is something that is provided to all Americans. That equal access to this type of education is not only beneficial to the lives of the country’s citizens, but to the overall health of the government.

Unremarkably, tech and finance go together enough that the platform that OTA has created sets up students for success as they are ready to use the skills they use in real time. The best education is one that prepares you to use your knowledge in effective ways, and this is something that Harris and OTA understand. To know more click: here.