Georgette Mulheir: An Global Advocate for Children and Less Fortunate

Although Haiti overthrew slavery and established the first independent Black Republic, it has suffered for centuries with violence, lawlessness, hunger, crippling debt, coupled with decades of brutal dictatorships and inept politicians. Another blow to the country’s democracy came in 2010 when a magnitude seven earthquake killed over 200,000 people and damaged infrastructure. A lot of countries pledge their help in Haiti’s recovery. According to global leader Georgette Mulheir, another tragedy looms 11 years after the initial disaster, bringing the country dangerously close to dictatorship. Advocates like Georgette Mulheir come into the picture to bring the issue of violence, hunger, and corruption to light.


About Georgette Mulheir 


Throughout her career, Georgette Mulheir has advocated powerfully for the conversion of systems and protecting children. Throughout her career, she worked in over 30 countries, advising donors on improving care. Directly, she has saved over 15,000 children, and she has influenced thousands more.


Violent escalations


There are coordination reports between the government and gang leaders, resulting in unprecedented alliances, Georgette Mulheir points out to worldwide authorities. Haiti’s way of life involves extreme violence and kidnappings and massacres. Children were among the victims.


Hunger and lawlessness


Many rural areas offer few opportunities for farmers, as gangs attack them and steal their products. People are therefore afraid to plant their crops, and as a result, they are going hungry. There is no rule of law left in the country. Criminals involved in violent acts, thefts, kidnappings, or massacres go unpunished. Ordinary Haitians who peacefully protest against lawlessness and violence face physical violence. Those who fight for human rights face death.




According to international law scholars such as Georgette Mulheir, widespread violence sanctioned by the Haitian government is likely a crime against humanity. Despite plans for an election, none has taken place. This has resulted in the absence of a parliament. At national and local levels, democracy is non-existent. As a result, the President has placed loyalists in key positions of power. Haiti’s people have not received adequate support from the international community. Consequently, the country has descended into a dictatorship.


But, there is still time to act. 


Combined efforts can bring about a peaceful transfer of power, end systematic violations of human rights, and restore democratic freedoms and rule of law to Haiti.

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