How Peter Briger is rocking the Finance and Investment World

Peter Briger features as one among the top 400 Forbes business professionals in matters investment and finance globally. Briger bases his career success in his Master’s in Business Administration from the distinguished Pennsylvania University, the Wharton Business School. Additionally, he holds a Princeton University bachelor’s degree. His stable education base helps him execute his tasks skillfully and professionally.

Peter Briger is currently the President and Co-Chair at the Fortress Investment Group Directors’ Board. Before joining Fortress in 2002, Briger worked for roughly 15 years at Goldman Sachs & Co. Here, his career ended while he served as a partner to the Fortress. He has made great contributions towards making Fortress attain a positive image from the public. Briger currently spearheads the real estate and credit fund divisions of Fortress Investment Group major business. Consequently, he is tasked with watching over issues of distressed debts and illiquid investments.

Through his endless efforts, Peter Briger placed Fortress Investment Group at a greater position in the industry. He owes his success to the vast knowledge base and experience gained from Goldman Sachs. Fortress Investment Group is now one of the most preferred companies for the first alternative investments to most people in the United States. As it stands, Fortress is a reliable investment company. It actively manages about 65 billion dollars in excess assets. Fortress Investment Group serves both private and institutional-based investors. During the ongoing economic crisis globally, Briger’s position at Fortress has come in handy to help the debt-stricken foreign markets raise their own capital, making him a reputable international figure in the field of finance and investment. During his reign at Fortress, he has become a renowned billionaire through his unending commitment and hard work.

Peter Briger’s professional career is founded Goldman Sachs where he served in various positions. He rose from operations to management and later assumed leadership roles. Following his excellent skills and commitment in his work, Briger acquired extensive experience from the company. To date, he takes pride in vast skills and expertise on trading, loans, illiquid investments, distressed debts, real estate and foreign investments.

Furthermore, besides his daily professional attachments, Peter Briger uses his leadership skills in giving back to society. He actively serves as a philanthropist and gives aid towards maintaining and conserving the New York Central Park. Moreover, he is involved in ensuring that needy children have access to quality education as well as ending poverty. Over the years to his current age of 51, he has earned great reputation and respect as an exceptional finance enthusiast.