Insights from the Leading Hotels CEO Dr. Barry Lall

A high standard of professionalism is second to none at Pinnacle Hotels. No matter where you are working for Dr. Barry Lall, you will be provided with the highest level of training and support. No detail is too small for Lall; every single employee is made to feel comfortable and special. Lall believes in a bright future and offers his business to those who want a job well done. Over the last 12 months, the hotel has worked with Starwood, Marriott, Hilton, Trump Hotels, and many more. Barry Lall believes in providing the right training to his team and has regularly taught them to prepare for working in all different types of situations. Dr. Barry Lall said, “I founded Pinnacle Hotels to offer value for money, quality, and a differentiated and exciting experience to both guests and corporate guests.

We offer five-star accommodation at affordable prices and I ensure that my staff is motivated, and seeks any possible solutions.” Lall has impeccable character, charm, and style, oozing confidence and charisma. His passion for his work shows in the unrivaled atmosphere at each hotel under his management, as well as the exceptional quality of service and quality rooms. Ask any member of the Pinnacle Hotels team what day in the office is like and it is hard to escape the thought of a feeling of passion, openness, and a sharing of ideas. “We all share the responsibility for running the business,” says Chris Lane, sales and marketing manager at Pinnacle Bath, pointing to the fact that Lall has hired so many people from within his team and looks for staff with specific skills and qualities.

“You don’t get the ‘dream team‘ by simply asking for the best from your staff, you get the best by actually listening to them and getting to know them,” adds Lane. An early breakfast is made with all of the staff team, as Barry Lall goes through the day’s requirements for the hotel staff. He communicates any new hires, debuts, or promotions that are taking place that day and encourages the team to seize the day with energy and enthusiasm. Most importantly, he encourages team members to have fun, praising everyone when they make a genuine effort to make their role better for the guest. Read More.