Online Trading Academy SEC Press Release Recap

Online Trading Academy Press Release Recap

Education and training in the world of finance is an important segment that requires to receive enough attention. Dr Jeffrey Harris, PhD, a financial expert, has raised concerns about training within the financial markets in recent years. However, Online Trading Academy is trying to change the lack of adequate education in the sector. Dr Harris is the Vice President at Online Trading Academy. In counselling, the financial expert has vast experience that spans several years. In his line of work, Dr Harris has gained expertise in the areas of investments, retirement planning, and employee benefits.

Dr Jeffrey Harris obtained his Bachelor’s degree at Saint Michael’s College later earned his MBA at the University of Albany, SUNY. During his college years, his primary focus was economics and business administration. Ain his career, he has constantly developed a passion for education in the financial markets. In addition, for over 13 years, he has worked at Ayco and Goldman Sachs Company. Education in the financial markets should get viewed as a life skill, according to Dr Harris. For the learners and students, inadequate exposure in economic areas is one of the most significant challenges. Investing and trading, and derivative markets are among the areas that do not have enough education resources.

Online Trading Academy has a reputation for providing educational materials in recent years. By comparing investment courses and university-level derivatives, OTA base their strategies and methodologies on proven economic theories. In addition, they offer learning opportunities on a lifelong basis with suitable delivery methods inclusive of experiments and technical analysis. Education has two sides; theoretical and informational. It makes it unequal to the learners. Most do not reach the experiential level needed to achieve proficiency, confidence development, and skill-building. In trading and investment, it is essential to equip the students with practical applications.

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