PosiGen an Energy Conserving Company

PosiGen is an energy-conserving company directed by a team of top executives. Apart from conserving energy, the team is also working on eradicating poverty in the community they serve. To achieve this objective, they have set specific goals that will help them accomplish this mission. They are working to ensure every individual gets to access affordable solar panels. The team at PosiGen is also trying to create job opportunities in the community. Lastly, they are working to bridge the gap between the poor and the rich. To achieve this, they have introduced a solar leasing program. At PosiGen, their aim is to help the less advantageous people rebuild and re-establish their lives by lowering the price of solar panels in society. 


Lowering these prices will encourage most individuals to shift from using electricity and adapt to solar power from PosiGen, which is more affordable. The leasing program offers some exciting and unbelievable discounts to its clients, after installation clients enjoy other packages such as easy monthly payments, efficient energy upgrades, free monitoring and maintenance of the systems. On the other side, purchasers want free installations and 12 years of free system monitoring. At PosiGen, they conduct a multi-point inspection every month that involves testing the blower doors, assessing the window and the door.


They also apply audits conducting a detailed attic evaluation, combustion appliance zone test, and requesting home energy reports. When monitoring, they identify some of the areas with leakages. After identifying any breakage, they work on improving them for significant energy savings and reduce extra costs. System monitoring at PosiGen ensures effective and efficient use of energy in homes. It reduces any chance of energy loss that helps in lowering your monthly bills. It helps one improve home performance making it more durable, thus lowering the maintenance cost. Energy upgrades protect your family from any health-related condition and assure you of a clean environment.