Richard DeVaul’s Focus On Clarifying Innovation

Semantic satiation is a psychological phenomenon that anyone has experienced or encountered at a given point in life. If a given word is repeated many times, it ends up being meaningless. The term innovation has experienced the same fate, especially in the last decade.

The political class and business people have created a lot of buzzwords. After all, they associate every success secret to innovation because they generalize and misuse the term, and so the meaning has been lost.

In an article entitled “Richard DeVaul on Disrupting Innovation Consulting”, Richard DeVaul explains Innovation is about overturning the existing order of things. And while innovation does create great value in the world, that process is not benign. Innovation disrupts.

Richard DeVaul studied at MIT Media Lab and graduated with a Ph.D. and an M.S. Richard DeVaul is committed to alienate the satiation and rejuvenate the term innovation. While in school, Richard designed a programming language meant for making computational graphics, and also handled a doctoral thesis on a wearable real-time support system.

Richard has since then received more than 70 patents on establishing and guiding projects that made a highly valuable X Development enterprise. Richard DeVaul has used his operational, managerial, and hands-on engineering exposure to become an innovation expert at work in different domains including; corporate, academic, as well as technical areas ranging from ballooning to institutional structures, and consumer electronics.

Richard intends to help people internalize innovation culture and leadership, thereby doing away with the buzz, and making it a perfect tool that develops value for the venture and society.

Richard DeVaul, being an innovation consultant has discovered that many company executives and managers who hire him lack a proper understanding of what the term entails. Many people misinterpret innovation for creation.

Richard DeVaul’s Biography

Richard DeVaul is an innovation specialist, research scientist, and CTO with many years of experience in executive and hands-on engineering. Richard launched and guided certain projects that brought to life massive enterprises. Richard DeVaul is a perfect communicator and boasts of robust command in math and physics and also has more than 70 patents, and publications. Go here for related information.


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