Robert Bull: The CEO Who Explains Why Millennials Will Be the Last Generation to Own Homes

From top to bottom of the property ladder in the UK, the Royal family has its place in the history books – as one of the country’s most influential private landlords, who has built up a housebuilding empire. Today, Robert Bull is celebrating 60 years of Royal business with an in-depth analysis of how he’s built his reputation for cutting-edge innovation, and a revealing look at his journey to build up a global property business. There are lessons from his empire, but as someone who has achieved a huge amount in business, it’s also one of the most interesting insights into how to build a real estate empire.

Robert Bull was born into an entrepreneurial family in the 1930s. Having experienced post-war deprivation, RoyaleLIfe approached house building in a new way. They approached building companies with a plea to help them to overcome the very real housing crisis they had seen in their locality and create homes that would be fit for purpose for the people of the area. In a conversation with Royal Life’s founders at the time, it was observed that much of the problem was due to housing schemes not being designed to the needs of the people. Stated simply, there was no provision in most housing schemes for wheelchairs, baby buggies or a pushchair.

This lack of provision is well recognized across the housing industry but was not something that companies would think of doing differently. As well as throwing shade on those who have short tempers, the business’s ethos is based on quality and trust. “There is a strong focus on service. At RoyaleLife, the service to the public is of the utmost importance and they have a team of excellent and dedicated people who are passionate about real estate, property and helping people to achieve the best possible investment returns from their property portfolio.” says Jason Pritchard, CEO and Chairman of RoyaleLife.

As a result, Bob Bull’s firm which has been dubbed the ‘British Hilton’, is a company of strong values. In addition, that same ethos has also been applied to the boardroom at RoyaleLife. The story of Robert Bull and his firm is nothing short of remarkable from the way they tell it. Robert Bull gradually moved into construction and found a renewed vigour for real estate and that inspired his move into buying and selling homes to know more click here