SeaWorld Wants Parents To Leave Their Kids At Home During This Year’s Nighttime Halloween

With the Halloween festivities starting today and stretching all the way to October 31, 2021 in San Diego, there is no doubt that people will enjoy. However, unlike in the past, SeaWorld, is encouraging parents to leave their kids at home specially when they will be attending nighttime festivities. According to SeaWorld, the nighttime festivities are likely to feature some scenes that may not be friendly to kids thus it’d be advisable for the parents to leave their young ones at home. In the past, there has never been a problem parents attending the festivals with their kids because the organizers in San Diego and other parts of the country did not put emphasis in funny yet scary clowns. Learn more

In kick starting out the preparations for the big event, the local park was pimped with scenes such as Howl-O-Scream, something that features among other things, coaster rides that are done in the dark, specialty cocktails, live shows and haunted houses, all of which will be unsuitable for the young kids. According to one of the organizers in San Diego, scenes and things that are most likely to injure the minds of the kids will fill the scene. “The extravaganza will be filled with scenes unsuitable for our kids. In fact, this year’s Halloween especially nighttime events will feature horror, something that will never suite any kid,” said one of the organizers.

However, it doesn’t mean that the kids have been excluded from this year’s San Diego event. To ensure the kids enjoy this year’s Halloween festivities, the organizers plan to bring in Spooktacular during the day. According to the organizers, daytime activities will be specifically designed to be kid-friendly. To carter for other things during the event, the kids will be required to pay admission fee and their food and drinks will be sold at subsidized prices.