The Life of Laura McQuade

Laura has always done her own thing & never looked back but is that how she got to be the big success she is today? Well, she does not believe it’s her place to say one way or the other. She came of age in a small town outside of the bronx & was quick to rise to the top of her class in high school. That’s what led to her getting a full ride to any school she could imagine. Though she did consider going to one of the top tier schools, she opted to enroll at holy cross instead.

So she began there in the fall of 87 & found it to be to her liking. She did not yet know what she wanted to do for a career but was soon able to major in PS. After declaring it as such, she went on to finish as part of the class of 91 & opted to continue her education at a little known school called Yale. She knew it would be a long & arduous road to get to the end of her academics but was adamant about getting her degree. So she received her MA in the spring of 93 & had to take the first role she could get. So she went on to work for the national democratic institute in the fall of 93 & was there for a year & half. She later accepted the role of president from planned parenthood in 2017.

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