The Variety of Life: Wes Edens

 Wes Edens is the kind of person who likes to dabble in many different things at once. He is one of the founders of the New Fortress Group. Now he has started new companies and invested in a variety of sports leagues. He is known in the United States as one of the owners of the Milwaukee Bucks. One of his other sports passions is soccer. Now he has invested his time and energy into Aston Villa. Now the hard work seems to be paying off.


 Wes Edens knew that the team was a good one. They just needed a new strategy in order to get to the top. Now the strategy that Wes Edens and co-owner Nassef Sawiris have gotten the team off to a good start. They are making the most of their decisions and celebrating too. The team just got a first win over Brighton and things seem to be looking up for Wes Edens and new coach Steven Gerrard. This was why he invested. He knew they could win.


 That is the kind of thing that Wes Edens can take pride in. He knows that it will take some time to get the team going, but the hard work is worth it for him and everyone else involved. That is why he has become one of the most trusted owners in the world of sports and business. When he gives his word to someone he will keep no matter what. That is how you get to the top of the business world. Wes Edens has worked hard for his position and now he is reaping the benefits.