Tim Murawski – The XVS Is the First Augmented Reality Surgical Tool

As Chief Executive Officer of Augmedics, Tim Murawski believes this is the beginning of the use of technology in Medicine. He has worked with robotic surgery devices since 2000. Tim Murawski has worked in business development and sales operations. His 20 years of management experience has led to his current position as CEO for Augmedics



Recently Augmedics has introduced a groundbreaking xvision Spine system with augmented reality. The new Xvision Spine gives surgeons the ability to visualize patients’ spinal anatomy in 3D, giving them a tool that augments vision at a surgery in a way that is similar to x-ray vision. Tim Murawski suggests this is the first augmented reality device created specifically for surgery. It helps Medical staff accurately use instruments and place implants while remaining vigilant of the patient’s spine through a headset instead of a remote screen.


The XVS is a transparent headset with all of the elements of a normal navigation system, but instead of on a screen, it is on the eyes thus allowing for the position and use of surgical tools in real time. The data is then projected to the headset allowing the professional to look at the patient and the data of the surgery. Tim Murawski heads Augmedics, a Chicago based company with a purpose of improving healthcare through augmented surgery using cutting edge technology. This first device allows surgeons to see a patient’s anatomy through the tissue as if it were x-ray vision. This allows them to use their instruments more efficiently during surgery. 


More on Tim Murawski´s biography and career https://www.facebook.com/tim.murawski.augmedics/