We Don’t Have To Wait For The State, Federal Government To Raise Our Low Income State, James Gutierrez

As many Americans continue to cry like the rest of the world about the pangs of Covid-19, these people have a problem of their own. Many people are poor and the few who are super rich continue to pay low taxes. According to James Gutierrez, the situation is even worse when these middle or low-income earners want to process for a loan or credit. “They usually don’t qualify or even if they do, they are charged a higher interest rate because they either have low credit score points or don’t have at all. In fact, to a majority, they do not get a loan even if they want to,” said James Gutierrez.

According to James, the report from The United States Federal Reserve is in itself disheartening. James Gutierrez says, it breaks one’s heart to the core especially if the person is a low-income earner or considered poor when the read such reports. In 2018 for instance, the report from the federal agency said that the top one percent of the richest or wealthiest people in the United States own a third of all the country’s wealth. If what that report says is true, it means over 29% of American wealth is owned by a percentage of the country’s wealthiest folks.Gutierrez goes on to say that the statistics are even shocking if you increase the percentage a little bit. For instance, James Gutierrez claims if you take up 10% of the richest Americans, you would realize that they own nearly two times what the rest of the citizens have. From that alone,Gutierrez argues that it appears the poor or the low-income earners don’t have anything they can call their own.

James Gutierrez says the solution to the problem is allowing companies such as Aura to thrive. His companies allow for low-interest credits and loans with affordable and practical repayment plans.

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