Wes Edens’ Fortress Investment Group Builds Brightline To Connect Orlando and Miami

The 20th and the 21st centuries have witnessed many mushrooming businesses, most of which are built from scratch even under the most unfavorable conditions catalyzed by pandemics and a falling world economy. Nonetheless, resilient investors and entrepreneurs continue to find ways to use their meager savings to start businesses and later give back to society. One such a man is Wes Edens, the founder and long-serving Fortress Investment Group and New Fortress CEO. When he started, Wes had an idea. He even knew how and what to do to actuate it. The right time came in 1998, when he started Fortress Investment Group.

According to Wes Edens, any business can thrive whenever there is the will. With that in mind, Wes Edens founded his company with meager savings. Remember, he had just completed his studies. With little savings and a business idea, Wes started a company, which after a few years had recorded a staggering $400 million worth of assets. As the business broke even, Wes Edens continued to expand and look for more opportunities to invest in. Before ten years were over, Wes Edens’ Fortress Investment Group had incorporated a number of business ventures including infrastructure, transportation, media, real estate, entertainment, and healthcare among a dozen of businesses.

Thanks to his zeal, Wes Edens is known to be the man behind America’s first passenger rail system that is built, run, serviced, and even repaired by a private citizen. The comprehensive rail system has continued to provide easy and convenient passenger transportation between Orlando and Miami. By the time of writing this piece, Wes Edens’s company is doing a construction of the second comprehensive rail system that seeks to connect Las Vegas and the southern part of California. Over the years, Wes Edens has been keen to look at other ways of investing. Apart from Fortress Investment Group, the entrepreneur is the co-owner of Aston Villa, UK’s football club.

Learn more about Wes: https://talkmarkets.com/member/wes-edens