Why Commercial Tenants of San Diego Like Jason Hughes

Jason Hughes has been involved with commercial property for 20 years. He is the CEO of Hughes Marino, LLC. Some of his education came from studying in executive programs at UCLA, Harvard and UCSD. He earned a Bachelor of Science in business administration from Pepperdine University. Jason Hughes obtained an MBA from the University of San Diego. He was influential in the passing of the Dual Agency Disclosure Bill in 2014. The Bill was enforced in 2015.From expertise, Hughes has appeared on television shows and business publications. 


The Bill improved fairness and transparency of commercial tenants. He has shown to be skilled at negotiation of leases of great value. Jason Hughes understands how to create commercial property solutions for his clients. His business also involves construction management. Jason Hughes offers clients services that get results for his clients. Hughes believes by 2021 through 2023 office lease obligations will be downsized because 25 percent of employees will be working remotely. He also discusses how there will be more space needed by landlords to accommodate for social distancing. 

Hughes expects the number of subleases to increase. Jason Hughes is responsible for sales of millions of square-feet of properties. He feels that more landlords try to entice tenants with reduced rents to have tenants to extend tenants for longer leases. Jason Hughes is aware that Covid has made many businesses rethink leasing office space in downtown San Diego. Availability of space in San Diego is at nearly 34 percent, and according to Hughes, that is the highest percentage it has been in 30 years.