Why Laura Rea Dickey loves data driven decision making

In the current world, major companies are focusing on data driven decisions. This process has been tried and tested in many investments around the global community, and it gives very good results. Laura Rea Dickey is among the leaders who have a passion and desire to implement the data decisions in her fast food business. The process involves making complex organizational decision by going around to collect important data. The companies look for facts and essential patterns from the data whenever they need to make a conclusion about an idea. Laura Rea Dickey decided to work with data few years ago when she joined the Dickey Restaurants. The leader had a career away from the business, but when her husband asked her to join him in managing the famous family business, she decides to put all of her efforts. As a woman working as an influential leader in the fast food industry, Laura Rea Dickey had to work extra hard to prove that she had the skills and knowledge to make things work. Before becoming chief executive officer, Laura served in numerous departments as a senior professional. The company began its growth in the small sections before implementing change in the bigger region.

Laura Rea Dickey management abilities are not common. The visionary lady does not focus on what other successful persons in the community are doing. Laura Rea Dickey sets her own unique path so that she can be different and successful. Before joining Dickey Restaurants, the executive had been working in other companies. Her job was mostly in the marketing and advertising section. What helped Laura in her numerous positions was her ability to use collected data. Technology is sometimes feared by veteran leaders who feel that being traditional makes a difference. Laura courageously brought in technology in her professional life, and she has many good things to say about it.

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