Why PosiGen Employed the New Executive Vice President?

PosiGen, the top-ranking energy efficiency and renewable energy business empire, have specialized in offering electricity services to low-income societies in the United States. It has recently announced Adja Ba as its newest Human Relations Executive Vice president. Adja Ba has 20 years of experience in managing the Multinational firm’s general operations globally. Adja Ba has moved from Paris to Houston to offer HR services that pull along with Leadership and Performance and Employees management. Additionally, at PosiGen solar power company, she focuses on cultivating long-term relationships among the members and maintaining the company’s cultures and goals.


The main core reason that led her to join the PosiGen solar power company was its core values and objectives. Statistics indicate that the PosiGen as an outstanding firm has positively impacted the lives of many communities at large. Adja Ba feels exceptionally excited to be part of the talented team which focuses on impacting the lives of families struggling with the low-income status quo. It has made something that the wealthy member-only enjoyed to be available to every individual. PosiGen’s mission is to ensure solar energy is available and more pocket-friendly, enhancing many lives.


Adja Ba’s main objective is to boost the services that PosiGen is offering to users and enhance its culture. The move will incorporate the employees’ diversity because of their proud attributes in working with it. She will also propel the organizational and designing culture at PosiGen that responds and adapts to the dynamic market shifts. Additionally, she will intensively utilize the HR system to maintain its culture, which will ensure employees continue serving them with trustworthiness and proudly. Moreover, she will ensure PosiGen employs talented personnel and evaluates the indigenous member’s abilities. 

Besides, she will inspire and motivate every individual through an internal accountability perspective in the entire corporation. PosiGen has been tirelessly operating since 2011 to significantly reduce the gap regarding clean pocket-friendly solar energy programs by lowering utility bills amicably. PosiGen offers a low fixed rate that assures that clients will save money within the first year. They also fuel the clean energy benefits by providing solar panels and upgrading their leasing rate specifically to low-income families. Nowadays, the company has more than 14,000 consumers around New York City, Florida, Connecticut, and Louisiana. Tom Neyhart, the PosiGen CEO, anticipates that it will maintain its objectives significantly.