ZeroAvia to Receive Green Hydrogen Supply from Octopus Hydrogen

Zero Emission Commercial Flights Become a Possibility


ZeroAvia’s new 19-seat, 500 nautical mile aircraft stemming from the HyFlyer II program will be fueled by one-hundred percent Green Hydrogen, provided by Octopus Hydrogen. This comes as a result of the UK government-backed program goal to create a 600kW hydrogen-electric fuel cell powertrain for use in commercial flights (Wikipedia). 


ZeroAvia aviation company plans to bring this cut edge technology to the market in 2024 and can revolutionize commercial flights as emission control is at the forefront of green technology goals for the near future. Recognized by the United Kingdom government, ZeroAvia is a major player in the push to zero emission flights. This, as evidenced by the UK Government Hydrogen Strategy. Since global aviation accounts for about two percent of the world’s human-induced Carbon Dioxide emissions, the UK is trying to commit itself to Net Zero and in turn can do so by implementing the use of these green hydrogen powertrains. 


ZeroAvia and other partners in the progressive HighFlyer projects are ahead of the curve and have already developed the HARE – a Hydrogen Airport Refueling Ecosystem that includes the use of an on-site electrolyzer. This system was used to power the breakthrough flight testing program of a six-seat Piper Malibu aircraft as part of HyFlyer I and is in continued use as part of HyFlyer II. Because of the increased need for Hydrogen to supplement on-site production, ZeroAvia and Octopus Hydrogen will provide more than 250 kilograms of green, fuel cell quality high-pressure hydrogen per day to use in ZeroAvia’s mobile refueling unit. 


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